​When you join MAAFA at the APPRENTICE Level, you enjoy all of the benefits of a gun club, neighborhood watch and mentorship:

  • Battle Arts Discipleship

  • Intro to Lacham Martial Arts

  • Community Patrol Training

  • Survivalist Training

  • CEO Calls

  • Free and Discounted Training

  • Online and In-person Conditioning & Fitness Classes

  • Online Mixers (Zoom & Skype)

  • Weapons Orientation

  • Tactical Training

  • Self-Defense Training

  • Martial Practice

  • Business Promotion

  • Free Event Access

  • Community Watch Training and Organizing

  • Martial, Tactical and Weapons Training for children and youth (We have classes with and without live weapons for children. Parents must sign a waiver in all cases and must stay and participate if enrolling their child in a live weapons course. See supply list and further details)

Follow our Facebook page to be notified of classes, calls and events; or check back here regularly for a schedule of meet-ups.

You have one life. Protect it!

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(817) 893-6080

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