MAAFA offers physical conditioning; martial arts practice; weapons and tactical training; survivalist training; mentoring; competitions and regimented command in the African-American community.

Our mission is to integrating martial crafts and discipline into African-American heritage by returning to our tradition of arms.


MAAFA collaborates with trainers and protectors; organizes neighborhood watches and dispatches emergency response teams (ERT). Our objectives distinguish us from other gun clubs and are great reasons to become a MAAFA member. We

1. Practice personal, tactical fitness;

2. Train a protector community for self-defense and home security;

3. Teach form, safety, security offensives and ethics as  MAAFA protector culture;

4. Rehearse athletic precision;

5. Support community watch programs; as well as

6. Organize, mentor and equip MAAFA first-responders across the country

MAAFA members are warfare enthusiasts passionate about self-defense, family protection, strategic discipline, battle arts and our God-given right to secure our lives and families.

You have one life. Protect it!

P.O. Box 331743

Fort Worth, TX 76163


(817) 893-6080

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